Rock Tripe Lichen

I came across this on the Appalachian Trail near Hamburg, Pennsylvania while on a weekend hike. It’s appearance caught my curiosity and I needed to find out more about this fungi. It is commonly known as Rock Tripe Lichen. It’s formal name is Umbilicaria mammulata and not only is it edible, it can serve as a viable food source. The really unique thing that I found with this is that it is a combination of lichen and algae. The lichen provides the structure to the algae and the algae provides the photosynthesis. The underside of the lichen is black in color and very soft to the touch. So soft that it reminds me of velvet.

For more information on this very unique lichen I found a great post from the Hiker’s Notebook. You should find the link to this post, below.

Hiker’s Notebook: Rock Tripe

Rock Tripe
Rock Tripe

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