Amazing Creatures

This Praying Mantis was found in our backyard here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I certainly have seen Praying Mantises before but I had never seen one quite this large. This one was easily between five to six inches in length. The really amazing thing about this one in particular was that it did not seem threatened by me in the least. I was able to take numerous pictures of it while it stood perched on the back of one of our patio chairs. Oddly enough it did seemed to like having it’s picture taken. I recall it calmly turning it’s head to follow my movements with the camera. I have read that the mantis has a pseudopupil which can be easily seen in the one picture, below. This is caused by the light from the object in it’s compound eye, when viewed straight on, the light is absorbed. While light from the side of it’s compound eye is reflected.

I’m not sure how to identify if this was a male or female. Perhaps someone can help me shed some light on this matter. If you know, please feel to comment so that everyone else can learn. Thank you and God bless you!

Mantis Hello
Mantis Hello

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