Boletus aereus

The beauty in a mushroom is hard to describe sometimes even to the point of being misunderstood. I found this one on a hike and needed to know if it was edible. I am hoping that my findings are  correct and this is truly a Boletus aereus. If this is a Boletus aereus not only is it edible it is considered a Choice Edible mushroom. Perhaps, those better skilled at Mycology can help me verify my classification of this mushroom. If you have experience identifying these, I would love to hear back from you.

Below are some of the features that I documented.

  • Pileus (cap) 60mm felty and dry with no structure.
  • Stipe 15mm smooth with stripes pattern and no ring present.
  • Spore tubes (not gills)
  • Fruit body height 70mm
  • Growing on soil debris near Aspen, Oak, Hemlock, Birch and Spruce trees. No distinct smell.

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