The Larch Forest

In Northeastern Pennsylvania, near where I live there is a awesome Larch tree forest. Although not very old or very large there is a certain presence that the Larch tree forest embodies. Personally, I find it very difficult to describe the feeling when I’m there. The muffled wind that blows through the coniferous woodland as it coaxes a moaning call from the rubbing of two trees that have grown too close together. The peculiarly fragrant smell of pine mixed with the damp musky odor of needle leaves and cones as they decay on the forest floor. The visual maze that the light plays on the trees which holds your gaze and keeps your attention. There is truly a presents that fills your senses and I’m often reminded of the great wonders that God has created for us to enjoy.

Larch Forest-2
Larch Forest – illuminated path

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